SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

As we pause to remember the tragic events that occured eight years ago today, it is perhaps fitting to analyze what lessons have been learned over the intervening years.  One thought immediately comes to mind.  Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Our country is continually consumed by a “political correctness” that is becoming a major factor as we become the architects of our own destruction.  The nation has been infiltrated by large numbers of  religious fanatics of the same ethnic origin that perpetrated those events that we all remember.  They have demanded and gotten perks from many governmental and educational entities.  Efforts to alert our citizens have been met by Muslim threats, intimidation and, in some cases, government criminal charges against those who fashion the alert.

Apparently, far too few of our citizens recall fairly recent history and its aftermath.  Adolph Hitler, a virtually unknown, was able by flowery speech and endless promises to take over the entire country.  He used the Brown Shirts and intimidation to aid in securing control.  He went to great  lengths to take over private industry and to silence opposition.  His dictatorship is a classic example of the end result of the failure of the citizenry to realize what is really transpiring in their country.

I now see a parallel in this country as we have elected a man to lead us who is a flowery speaker and makes lots of promises.  He is the “pied piper” who leads the way down the primrose lined sewer pipe of socialism.  He, also, as Hitler did, makes use of class envy and hatred to gain support for his socialistic agenda.  Once again, I commend to your viewing the video,  Communist Blueprint for Conquest.

Wake up, America, lest our country be beyond recovery.  Frequently, send faxes, emails or letters to your so-called representatives and inform them that they work for the American people-not a foreign ideology.

Don't Tread on Me