As of August 4, 2009 at 1:08 p.m., Obama’s czar count was up to 46, according to  Most of those appointed exhibit the same radical approach as Obama in their field.  You have czars that advocate forced abortion and organ donation on death.  Some advocate various mandatory enforcement laws to control our daily lives. 

 Only those who require Senate approval answer to anyone other than Oba ma.  Many of them have dubious histories as radicals similar to those of  Rev. Jeremiah Wright , “Bomber” Bill Ayers and others of the Chicago variety.  The Obama plan for complete domination of America, including rewriting constitutional guarantees requires that he gain control of every aspect of American life.  We are being prepared for socialism or communism and perhaps even a Muslim takeover and the institution of shariah law.  Obama’s modus operandi is identical to the actions of other tyrants of the past.  Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin come to mind.

I am VERY concerned that many of our citizens refuse to see the “handwriting on the wall.”  Let me remind you, once again, of the Muslim belief in taqiyya, that lying is always permissable for the benefit of Allah.  Do not accept any grand rhetoric from anyone in Obama’s administration.  Once again, I urge all to obtain a copy of the video, Communist Blueprint for Conquest.