The time has arrived when WE THE PEOPLE can no longer ignore the necessity for term limits for all senators and representatives. The Obama administration, including ALL appointees, czars, etc. are systematically destroying our country.  Most of our so-called representatives are sitting idly by, interested in nothing other than their own political “hides”, reelection and retirement.

The Democrat Party is answering only to the orders of George Soros, ACORN, AFL-CIO and the remainder of the far left.  All of these entities are pushing our country toward socialism as rapidly as possible.  The silent majority in America MUST become more active in defense of our Constitution, liberty and freedom.  Almost every day, Obama comes up with a new plot to eliminate dissent.  The latest are pending attacks on talk shows, TV news, cell phones and the internet.  Need I remind you that these are the steps taken to install a socialist or communist society?

All of the actions of the Obama administration are directed toward complete control over your daily lives and the elimination of personal freedom and liberty.  If you will consult the movie, Communist Blueprint for Conquest, noted in my Sources post, you will see his modus operandi clearly.  It includes the takeover of industry, banking and communications.  You will see the progress both here in America and in countries like Venezuela.

Aside from constant bombardment of our so-called representatives to let them know we abhor socialism and all of its facets, WE THE PEOPLE will have our first opportunity to take back our country in November 2010.  We MUST elect ONLY those candidates with a PROVEN RECORD of supporting the Constitution and opposition to EVERY Obama initiative.  I suggest that we also require a pledge to support a Constitutional ammendment to establish term limits.  I suggest two six-year terms for senators and three two-year terms for representatives.  These limits will allow them to return home and live with the laws they enact.  Term limits will also serve to eliminate their present, principal occupation of caring only about reelection and retirement.