There are several reasons for high health care cost in America.  The first, is the estimated $60-$120 Billion outlay to fraud every year that the Federals have never made a serious attempt to prosecute.  Why?  One reason might be that they don’t want to alienate any voters.  This is also a primary reason that law enforcement is lacking in other areas.

Another cause of high costs is the number of frivilous lawsuits instituted by money-hungry, ambulance-chasing lawyers who convince the gimmee crowd that they will be awarded big sums if they will sue.  These lawyers also love class-action lawsuits because they make millions of dollars while the members of the class get “peanuts.”

For a third cause, consider the large number of illegals in our country that are given free medical care.  Free to them, that is, not you.  You pay for their care in higher costs to keep the medical provider in business.  The Feds have decreed that hospitals MUST provide EMERGENCY care where needed. This also applies when you have a visit covered under Medicare.  The low payment to the provider from Medicare is made up by a tax writeoff  by the provider or higher charges to those not covered by Medicare.

The fourth cause I will mention, while not the only one of those  remaining, is the result of EMERGENCY ROOM visits by those who can afford but choose not to obtain their own health insurance coverage.  Here again, the excess cost is borne by the paying customers or insurance companies. 

It is a well-known fact, in most states, that auto insurance is required.  If you don’t have insurance, you can be fined.  People tend to insure their home, auto and other possessions, rather than themselves. The thinking, in many cases, is probably that someone else will pick up the tab.

OBAMACARE extends the free care to more people at GREATER cost.  YOU will be paying the premiums PLUS taxes to support the illegals and homeless and ???????