The Obama Administration is set on turning this country into a Socialist Paradise for all of the illegal immigrants as well as the nonproductive members of our current citizenship.  His is a distinct pattern of Statist takeover of private industry, under the guise of solving a crisis.

If you would like to see what he is up to, just view a video produced in 1956 by the Department of Defense-Communist Blueprint for Conquest. You will note the steps he has taken so far are part of the pattern.  If you “Google” for the full title in quotes, you will find several sources if your local library can’t locate a copy.

This president has spent most of his time in office bashing America and cozying up to its enemies and detractors.  He obviously has another agenda with respect to diminishing our emphasis on the “War on Terrorists.”  He, apparently. wants to substitute political correctness and “mea culpa” for a positive resistance against those who have sworn to kill us-and have already done so in great numbers.

Bombard your so-called representatives in Congress with demands to take our country back and tell them you demand term limits.